Libby Baxter loves her job as a real estate agent. She’s excelled in her field for thirty years. But when she fends off the advances of her much-older boss, leaving him in a fetal position on the break room floor, she walks away from the agency that has been her second home. Libby soon comes to realize how much of her life has been about work, and how much life she has allowed to pass her by.

Women's Fiction from Linda Rettstatt.

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Bethany Harper was riding the peak of a wave of success as a travel writer when a tragic accident interrupted her life and sent her into a tailspin. Bearing both physical injury and emotional pain, she withdraws into a life where she has control. The appearance of her niece with the news of her sister’s death and the efforts of a nosy reporter threaten to force her out of hiding. She’s not been living the life she once imagined. She’s not living much of a life at all. She buried her heart a long time ago. Now life is forcing her to listen to it once again.

~ 50th Novel ~

Women's Fiction from Linda Rettstatt

Coming in August, 2024