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Five women find the love they've missed later in life. Daisy (57), Rose (68), Lily (63), Violet (67), and Iris (64) have one thing in common--they've put love on hold for a variety of reasons.

Now it's time for love to bloom.

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Have you ever wondered what's on the other side of this life? Does heaven exist? Perhaps nothing exists. Annie Crawford hasn't given it all that much thought until she's hit by a garbage truck and wakes up in a strange place that's so perfectly the life she has imagined. The problem is, she can't stay there. And how does she explain--without sounding crazy--what she saw when she comes back to this life? She visits a place that’s a lot like heaven—almost. Some things are bound to change, because her near-death experience has changed Annie.

Inspirational Women's Fiction

Available June 9, 2023

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